Cam Bertrand “Me and My X”

Cam is a standup comedian who has nothing to reveal but himself, stripped down to the pure honesty of his boobish smarts. His audiences never know what to expect in his balancing acts of reason, neither does he. Cam’s humor comes right out at you, facetiously spiked, with a brainy pursuit of logic. ©️2020 BarefeetBaristasArePeerk’d […]

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Imagine “The New Old People …” Is Lachlan Patterson (The Last Comic Surfing?)

buffalo Mark Ciemcioch Comedian Lachlan Patterson, best known for as a runner-up on the 2014 edition of “Last Comic Standing,” is set to headline five shows at Helium Comedy Club from March 18 to 20. A 15-year veteran of the stage, Patterson appeared on the eighth season of “Last Comic Standing,” where he outlasted […]

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Smothers Brothers Standup Comedy 1965

The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour was an American comedy and variety showtelevision series hosted by the Smothers Brothers and initially airing on CBS from 1967 to 1969.The series was a major success, especially considering it was scheduled against the major NBC television series Bonanza, with content that appealed to contemporary youth viewership with daring political […]

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“John Pinette”

John Paul Pinette was an American actor, Broadway performer, and stand-up comedian. He toured the comedy club circuit beginning in the 1980s and appeared in cinema and on television. source If any of The videos we share are obscene or inappropriate, please reply in a comment. It is our goal to share the most wholesome […]

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“Standup Comedian, Joe Recca”

Recca has been known as one of the funniest stand-up Christian comedians whose beginnings started from New York’s Showtime at the Apollo. From there, he worked on many tv specials with other well-known comics. Off stage, Joe Recca,was a social worker and a black belt. He was also an actor and a writer that graduated […]

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