Muraling Anxieties: “23 Amazing Street Art Magic”

Featured image: My Dog Sighs Is there an association of past art phases that has impacted the worldwide expressions of street art? Being analytical spectators, we can better understand and appreciate the artistic street works. Let’s look deeply at the resemblance of Beatnik Tattoos and Hippie Volkswagon and urban art. Doing so, we can see […]

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For some it may be a big curiosity or even a historical wonder that Greek statues and modern mannneqins have a great resemblance. This association can only be an indication that mannequins are archetypes born from the brilliant design and concepts of Greek statues, All over the world, many industries have evolved and revolutionized this […]


“Cafe Metro”

An Eye-Opening Display from “Cafe Metro” Dazed. Your senses are barred amidst the hallow doldrums of sonambulism. Morning is a language of an unconscious blur… the outskirts on a realm slurred. And, where dreams crossover into shallow bouts of auras and where shadows go unnoticed. You sit there, on a cusp of nonsense, where unwitted […]

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