Exotic Drinks

Stock 1) Dream Midtown Giant Moscow Mule-New York City 2) New Orleans is the Wild Drink Capital of the World-Insider.com 3) Party Venue- Howl at the Moon 4) Big Sippin: 11 large format cocktails 5) Big Sippin: 11 large format cocktails 6) Bloody Mary Maria’s Bull-Pinterest 7) 12 Most Outrageous Cocktails and Drinks-theTravel 8) Giant […]

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Mini Coffee Museum&Lab

UT Mini Coffee Museum&Lab will be formed in Shanghai, China, as an LLC in 2018. Unlike a typical café, it will provide a unique coffee tour for consumers. Mini Coffee Museum&Lab aims to help Chinese really get into coffee and explore the coffee flavor they really like through the multi-flavor, creative, and interesting coffee journey. […]

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Pinterest image Indulge yourself with this exquisite Iced Coffee shake, smoothly combining a rich banana flavour and sweet milky creaminess. Time: 10 min. Level: Easy HERE IS WHAT YOU NEED INGREDIENTS capsules of Grand Cru Arpeggio ripe banana 120 ml of milk scoops of vanilla ice cream Caramel sauce or whipped cream (decoration) MATERIALS tall […]