About Our Blend

Barefeet Baristas Are Peerk’d  – POUR YOURSELF A CUP OF HUMOR’!  WE HAVE  UNENDING SERVES OF COFFEE AND LAUGHTER!  BAREFEETBARISTAS are  connoisseurs for your morning blends of coffee, humor, breakfast and brunch recipes, standup comedy and many other wakeup energizers. Join us in celebration of today’s coffee affairs, traditional times and special life shares.   

Need a Comedy or Entertainment  Review?  Ask us via comment published or non-published.

Enjoy good music with us at AmericaOnCoffee

Reminisce with us at MissBackInTheDayUSA

Pray with us at TowerAndFlights

Evangelize and lift up your fellow brethren, to be strong in God for the prayerful fight against all evil, corruption and judicial tyrants at (Rush Hour) previously aka: AWOLL changed now to Rush Hour**

We are America On Coffee! Follow Us … and let us hear you say… ‘More fresh, hot coffee please!’

NOTE:  America On Coffee (AOC) appreciates all of your sentiments that prompt blog nominations. However, any blog award participation or process would be a distraction from our blogging.

7 thoughts on “About Our Blend

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking a post. I am enjoying my visit to yours. As an old rocker I really like the job you do on music. Keep up the good work!

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