“Laugh to Wellness” – Motivational Speaker and Comedian Sally Edwards

Sally Edwards is a female clean comedian who loves to make people laugh with clean comedy. Sally Edwards, performs laugh to tears comedy for corporate events and women’s groups. Funny!

Go Here: http://SallyEdwards.org | Funniest Female Clean Comedian: If you are looking for top-notch clean comedy for your women’s event, hire Clean Female Comedian Sally Edwards. Sally Edwards is one of the funniest clean female comedians performing today. All of her clean humor is family friendly! Here she is performing at an outreach event.If you’d like to invite Sally Edwards to perform at your women’s event go to:


Sally Edwards is accustom to repeat performances as a Clean Female Comedian. Women love Sally’s clean humor.

If any of the videos that we share are obscene or inappropriate, please reply in a comment. It is our goal to share the most wholesome content

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