Kazu Kusano, Japanese female stand-up comedian

Kazu Kusano is a stand-up comedian, actress, playwright and Japanese. She’s hilarious and devastating, and shatters the stereotype of the demur Asian woman. Kazu is indescribably unique. She moves like a child in a playground, and her silly, yet dark comedy makes everything laughable from relationships to sexism, alcoholism to mental illness… even Nagasaki. The Georgia Straight described Kazu as “(her show) signals a bold and important new voice in comedy and theatre.

In her 30s, she moved to San Francisco alone with $2,000…in debt. She worked as a waitress at a Sushi bar, at a Diner, and at an Indian restaurant. She studied English and Political Science at Foothill College, and was awarded as an Out Standing Student in English. Eventually, she became a comedian and made her dream come true.

Married to a Jewish mentalist, she currently resides in Los Angeles. 


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