Exotic Drinks


1) Dream Midtown Giant Moscow Mule-New York City

2) New Orleans is the Wild Drink Capital of the World-Insider.com

3) Party Venue- Howl at the Moon

4) Big Sippin: 11 large format cocktails

5) Big Sippin: 11 large format cocktails

6) Bloody Mary Maria’s Bull-Pinterest

7) 12 Most Outrageous Cocktails and Drinks-theTravel

8) Giant Drinks in Las Vegas-Facebook

9) The Big Freezy- Daiquiri Culture-Where y’at Magazine

10) Dalgona Coffee-Good Housekeeping

11) Cocktail Craze-Gun & Garden

12) black and blue Guinness layered on top Blueberry Beer-Pinterest

13) on tap- treehouse brewing company

6 thoughts on “Exotic Drinks

  1. Nothing can be better than a light cocktail and comedy, moderately before or after the show or online at BarefeetBaristasArePeerk’d.

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