Banana Milk Coffee

Recipe by: foodelicious
“Adding creamy smooth banana milk to your morning cold brew makes it taste rich and delicious. Talk about an eye-opening good-for-you breakfast in a cup!”


  • 1 cup milk
  • 1 very ripe banana
  • 1 tablespoon simple syrup (optional)
  • C&H Pure Cane Granulated Sugar in Easy Pour Carton 4 Lb
  • ice cubes
  • 1 cup cold brew coffee
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5 m

Ready In
5 m

Combine milk, banana, and simple syrup in a blender; blend until very smooth, about 1 minute.
Fill two 16-ounce glasses with ice cubes. Divide coffee between the glasses. Pour banana milk on top, dividing it evenly between the glasses.


Cook’s Note:
You can use any kind of milk for this recipe, including soy and nut milks.

Nutrition Facts

Per Serving: 133 calories; 2.6 g fat; 23.9 g carbohydrates; 4.8 g protein; 10 mg cholesterol; 61 mg sodium. Full nutrition. source

11 thoughts on “Banana Milk Coffee

    1. You are sure to enjoy it if you are a banana m-flavor lover. I am! Coffee is so fun and tasty! Thanks for visiting and commenting! šŸ˜ŽšŸ‘

  1. That would probably not be my favorite coffee – I love cappucino! By the which brand coffee do you use for your business? Am sorely missing Peet’s coffee, since living in Austin. We buy the beans, but of course the little twist they give to it in the coffee shop we don’t know about, haha.

    1. Seattleā€™s BEST and many others. Home brewing is something to work on. Have a perked up day!šŸ˜»šŸ¦¶šŸ¦¶

    1. Thanks for your visit and smile Jms.

        1. And yours too. Thank you for your kind words jmsabbsugh. Have a pleasant day. ā˜•ļøā˜•ļøā˜•ļøā˜•ļøšŸŽ­

        2. Thanks again Jms, from the top of our feet to the heads of our toes.šŸ¦¶šŸ˜†šŸ¤£šŸ¦¶

          1. Are you serious? Rambunctious is my field day.šŸ™€

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