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Speaking of Nachos, review and enjoy


Nachos are a favored stadium snack and well-loved bar bite. But they’re so much more than that, too. Because they’re endlessly customizable, they’re a versatile option to put on menus of all stripes. And because they contain mostly familiar ingredients, they’re perfect for kids, who are notoriously picky eaters.

But nachos have taken on new forms in recent years, with new proteins being added, as well as unique toppings, condiments and other accoutrements. For operators looking to add something new to the menu, nachos are the perfect choice.

Check out new ways for menuing this shareable classic.

Piled high

For a unique yet familiar take on the dish, barbecue chain Dinosaur Bar-B-Que serves its BBQ Chili Nachos. They feature chili, house queso, pickled onion and jalapeno, tomato, and chipotle crema on top of chops, and are served as a small plate to serve up to four people. Diners can also add pork or brisket for an additional charge.

For the little ones

At On the Border Mexican Grill & Cantina, the chain’s kids menu features Big Kid Nachos, served with refried beans, seasoned ground beef, mixed cheese and the restaurant’s famous queso. Offered for kids 12-years-old and younger, it also comes with an ice cream sundae.

With a global twist

The Grand Lux Café in Calabasas, Calif., offers Asian Nachos—crispy fried wontons covered with chicken in a sweet-hot peanut sauce and topped with melted cheese, green onions and wasabi cream.

Plant-based options

A Mediterranean take on nachos featuring different varieties of Sabra hummus (roasted garlic and roasted red pepper) as well as Sabra salsa (mango peach, homestyle and southwestern salsa) and guacamole are a great plant-based option to serve to those looking for a vegetarian or vegan option. Top chips with the hummus, salsas and guac, then pile on jalapenos, chopped Greek olives, roasted red pepper and diced cucumber for those who want a dairy-free option. And for those who aren’t avoiding cheese, add on sour cream, shredded cheese and feta cheese.

Nachos are perfect for diners of all ages, no matter what their diets include or omit. From plant-based options to smaller-sized portions for the kids, ethnic eats to protein-packed meat indulgences, nachos are a crowd pleaser.

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