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Speaking of Nachos, review and enjoy 4 NEW TWISTS ON NACHOS Nachos are a favored stadium snack and well-loved bar bite. But they’re so much more than that, too. Because they’re endlessly customizable, they’re a versatile option to put on menus of all stripes. And because they contain mostly familiar ingredients, they’re perfect for kids, […]

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The panic buying of toilet roll. Not being able to leave our homes. The reliance on alcohol, maybe just a little too much. These are just some of the things we’ve come to accept as the “new normal” following weeks of lockdown, and they’ve been illustrated for a new series by Mariano Pascual. WRITTEN BY: […]

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Smothers Brothers | Hippie Chick Clip

Tom and Richard Smothers are veteran American folk singers, musicians and comedians. The brothers’ trademark double act was performing folk songs (Tommy on acoustic guitar, Dick on string bass), which usually led to arguments between the siblings. Tommy’s signature line was “Mom always liked you best!” Tommy (the elder of the two) acted “slow” and […]

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