Muraling Anxieties: “23 Amazing Street Art Magic”

Featured image: My Dog Sighs

Is there an association of past art phases that has impacted the worldwide expressions of street art? Being analytical spectators, we can better understand and appreciate the artistic street works.

Let’s look deeply at the resemblance of Beatnik Tattoos and Hippie Volkswagon and urban art. Doing so, we can see many solid primary colors that overlap into iconic shapes that have eccentric and contrasting ideas.

Any art critic, should be able to step away and consider the intricacies within the form, as well as all influential trends and popular mindsets.

Politics in lieu of these present times, are definitely big influencers on how people express themselves today on urban platforms. Many of these intellectual artistic expressions have become escapes, and protests within urbanized cultures that mural the anxieties of our world. BarefeetBaristasArePeerk’d!/AmericaOnCoffee (AOC) – all rights reserved

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