Coffee on wheels: El Paso baristas stir local culture with modern-day beverage

16 thoughts on “Coffee on wheels: El Paso baristas stir local culture with modern-day beverage

    1. Thanks Emille. I say, Coffee is becoming more interesting.

    1. I think so too! I hope that you are having a great day and wish you wondrous new year.

  1. Showed hubby your capture of the business of coffee on wheels. He remembered and it made him think of that the milkman had a cart going around the neighborhood with milk:) That yours may be prosperous this year!

    1. The milkman is a one unforgettable American traditions. I don’t remember any milkman carts but I remember the diaries and milkman trucks. That was during the early 1970s and milk was more important than coffee. Coffee refills were a gratuity. Best wishes to you both.

      1. The coffee refills being a gratuity is really the American business endeavor. The first time I heard about the second cup of coffee in a restaurant I almost fell over, but now I have lived here for so many years, I have caught on to creating ways for more business.

          1. n the eighties here (with 3 kids and hubby) I came to study psychology, and we seriously intended to go back to Holland where we both are from. Then we said, “let’s wait till the kids are out of high school.” But then slowly one by one, the kids moved out of the house. Then they got married. Then their children came – before covid broke our we downsized to make the trip back to Holland to see if we still could adjust.. Then the lockdown of covid came.
            A very long answer to what happened, lol!

          2. Welcome to America. You followed through on your destiny. Stay put and be safe and content. 😁

  2. The politicians are fighting a lot, but there is still more freedom here to have one’s own opinion!

    1. Oh why can’t the world just laugh it off?❤️👊😍

      1. It would be nice to be able to forget …but then, maybe not, because I do want to remember the good and funny things:):)

        1. That is what I meant. Humor is the better remedy. Thank you for your support and comment. Jolly laughter 4 ur week Emille! 😘🥸🦶🦶🍮🍮

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