Never Drive Through Texas|Chris Cope|Stand-Up Comedy

Chris Cope goes berserk as he journeys cross country, taking his audience with him into many, hilarious, facetious encounters. After watching and you will conclude that not only is Chris a standup comedian, but, also a “coping”strategist in his ethically, humorous monologue. ©️2020 BarefeetBaristasArePeerk’d! (BFBAPKD!) – AmericaOnCoffee If any of The videos we share are […]

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Kazu Kusano, Japanese female stand-up comedian

Kazu Kusano is a stand-up comedian, actress, playwright and Japanese. She’s hilarious and devastating, and shatters the stereotype of the demur Asian woman. Kazu is indescribably unique. She moves like a child in a playground, and her silly, yet dark comedy makes everything laughable from relationships to sexism, alcoholism to mental illness… even Nagasaki. The Georgia Straight described Kazu as “(her show) signals a bold and important new voice […]

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Standup Comedian, Nour Hadidi

Nour Hadidi is a Jordanian-born and Toronto-based stand-up comedian. She first moved to Canada in 2006 to pursue her studies in Montreal. After graduating from McGill University with a degree in finance, Nour started working at a bank during the day and performing stand-up at night since 2012. She has opened for comedians like Jackie […]

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