“Zed’s Restaurant – Sunday Brunch”

image source This is a short web spot that we shot for Zed’s – a casual American restaurant located in North Austin off of Tech Ridge. Learn more about Zed’s and view their menu at http://www.zeds.bz. Sunday brunch promo at red’s restaurant

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Bacon Breakfast Casserole

Bacon Breakfast Casserole A hearty Overnight Bacon Breakfast Casserole that is sure to please all your friends and family for brunch. This make ahead breakfast casserole recipe can be prepped all the night before, and contains the classic breakfast favorites – eggs, bacon, cheese and brioche. Course Breads and Muffins, Brunch, Eggs, Savory Prep Time […]

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The Gong Show-Featuring the Worms

Originally posted on: AmericaOnCoffee Produced by Chuck Barris, The Gong show’s many running gags and characters who appeared as regular performers were The Worms. The Worm, a supposed “dance craze” consisting of three men who flung themselves to the floor and wriggled on the ground. At the end of each of their performances, Barris would […]

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Little Rascals*** Spooky Hooky”

The Little Rascals is the television title given to the Our Gang two-reel comedies produced by Hal Roach in the ’20s and ’30s. While he’d always wanted to make a series of comedies with children, Roach was not fond of cutesy “professional kids.” He hit upon the Our Gang notion one morning in 1922 while […]

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