Dan Telfer Standup comedy

Comedian Dan Telfer is a nerd extraordinaire. On his latest record, Ocean Of Panic, Telfer comments on the pros and cons of the geek revolution by way of comparing the Game Of Thrones show to the books, explains the real history of Santa Claus, and why it’s tragic that birds aren’t called avian dinosaurs. Speaking […]

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Bringing On Clowns

image source Once there was a married couple who had great fun telling sexual jokes. They were so bewildered when each of their 5 children born, were born with clown features. 1) One had the face of a clown; 2) Another had the body of a clown; 3) the third, walked like a clown; 4) […]

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“Cas CARTE NOIRE – Les Recettes”

About Carte Noire With its luxurious, intense flavour, Carte Noire has become the most desired French premium coffee brand. Discover its history and why it’s the number-one coffee brand in France. Parisian cafe culture thrives on a heavenly trinity of food, wine and, of course, excellent coffee. Our French cousins are experts at finding time […]

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