Ol’ Ugly Country Comedian

If you’re afraid to call him Ol’ Ugly, then you probably ain’t country.

It is not true that Ol’ Ugly is the original prototype for the first manure spreader. There are them that’ll tell you though, after hearing his wild and outrageously funny stories and his ability to spread it thick, “there could be some credence to that thought.”

Ol’ Ugly’s country & western comedy and storytelling has made him a popular after-dinner entertainer wherever the people that partner up with Mother nature to earn a living gather.

“Ol’ Ugly ain’t nothing special”, he’ll tell you. “I just love to make people laugh!”

He claims the best compliment he ever got was from an older lady who sidled up to him after a show and said, “You bleep of a bleep. You turned my Depends into a squishy saddle.”

His comedy is country, pure backcountry humour meant for an audience that is uninhibited by fear whether a boss is laughing or not.

A Country & Western Storytelling Comedian who will have your audience laughing with his hilarious Barnyard Clean Comedy

The Perfect After-Dinner Entertainment for Banquets, Conferences, Conventions, AGM’s, Fundraisers and other Events.

Ol’ Ugly’s wild, country style storytelling comedy has kept audience from Grande Prairie, AB to Salt Lake City, Utah and from Winnipeg, Manitoba to Kamloops, BC in stitches.


If any of The videos we share are obscene or inappropriate, please reply in a comment. It is our goal to share the most wholesome content.

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