“Kevin Kropinyeri – Opening Night Comedy Allstars Supershow”

Aboriginal Comedy Allstars features the comic stylings of Kevin Kropinyeri, Matt Ford, and Andy Saunders. These three are from all over Australia, and though the show remains deadly throughout, their sets remain distinct with their personalities shining through clearly.

Kropinyeri served as an MC of sorts, opening the show and giving introductions to the other performers. He got the crowd excited in half a second, and set the bar high for the rest of the show. His conversational tone also helped, giving the show an easy, relaxed vibe.

Matt Ford’s set was a shift in tone, largely because at 21 he was so much younger than the other comedians. While the topics were fairly routine – going out, relationships in your early 20s, the friendzone – the perspective he offered on them was refreshing. Despite his age and short stature (another topic in his set) he commanded the stage like an absolute pro, and was funnier than much bigger names.

Andy Saunders closed the show, and though he fell somewhere in between the other two performers in terms of age his comedy was much more out there. As well as traditional standup he beatboxed and did impersonations, and maintained across all of these elements a high level of skill.

Aboriginal Comedy Allstars showcases three of the best comedians I’ve seen this Fringe. Their work was refreshing and hilarious, and the show was overall even greater than the sum of their parts. Kropinyeri, Ford, and Saunders were all outstanding and their routines were polished without feeling overworked.


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