Almond Biscotti Iced Coffee Cocktail

by Dripbr5_main This Almond Biscotti Iced Coffee Cocktail is truly a masterpiece. Cool iced coffee is spiked with bourbon and amaretto, and finished off with a creamy almond milk. Perfect with a crunchy piece of biscotti on the side. INGREDIENTS 2 ounces bourbon 1 ounce amaretto 8 ounces cold Drip Brew Coffee almond milk cream […]

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“Breakup Text” Josh Johnson

Josh Johnson, is a standup, writer and performer from Louisiana by way of Chicago. … He is a former writer and performer on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where he also made his late-night stand-up debut in 2017. source If any of The videos we share are obscene or inappropriate, please reply in a […]

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Banana Coffee Break

5 mins. Easy BANANA COFFEE BREAK Make your coffee break memorable, savoury and sweet with this smooth and creamy banana coffee. 5 min. Easy HERE IS WHAT YOU NEED INGREDIENTS 1 capsule of Grand Cru Arpeggio teaspoons of dulce de leche 40 ml of banana syrup chocolate chips chantilly / cream MATERIALS mixer tall Recipe […]

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Chocolate cherry bourbon float (left image) 5 mins | Serves 1 | Easy Ingredients: bourbon 30m cherry brandy 20ml (optional) cherry Coke 150-200ml, chilled vanilla or chocolate ice cream a scoop squirty cream to serve glacé cherries to serve Method: Step 1: Put the first three ingredients into a tall glass and stir. Step 2: […]


Paleo Banoffee Baked Alaska Pancakes

So…What Are They? Here’s the finish: Paleo Banoffee Baked Alaska Pancakes: Hold onto your hats. It’s a stack of banana pancakes. Filled with layers of coffee caramel. And more bananas. Topped with a maple meringue. And it’s paleoapproved. It’s time for us to run into the kitchen and make this happen ASAP! (via Primal Bites) […]

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