Salted Caramel Chai-tini Recipe

Creamy, smooth, and oh-so-divine, this salted caramel martini made with Emperor’s Chai Tea is full of warm flavors! Salted Caramel Sugar and whipped & caramel vodkas are sure to make this glamorous cocktail the talk of the evening.

Prep time: 0-30 mins


From The Spice & Tea Exchange®
3 TBS Emperor’s Chai Tea
2 TBS Salted Caramel Sugar (+extra for optional garnish)

From the Grocer
8 oz filtered water
2 oz caramel vodka (we used Smirnoff® Kissed Caramel)
1 oz whipped cream vodka (we used Pinnacle® Whipped)
1 oz half and half (or other milk)


HEAT filtered water to 212°F (boiling). Steep Emperor’s Chai Tea for 5 mins. Strain. Stir 2 TBS Salted Caramel Sugar into warm tea until dissolved. Set aside until cooled.
COMBINE cooled tea concentrate, vodka, and half and half in a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake.

Serving Suggestion:
SPREAD a thin layer of caramel sauce on the rim of two martini glasses. Swirl extra on the inside of the glass if desired. Spread Salted Caramel Sugar over a small plate. Dip each glass into the sugar to coat the rim. Fill glasses.
*While delicious served as a traditional cold martini (per preparation instructions), this also makes for a great warm cocktail!

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