Ingredients 2 cups coffee 6 oz Bailey’s Irish Cream 4 scoops chocolate ice cream Chocolate sundae syrup for garnish Cherries sprinkles, etc, optional garnish INSTRUCTIONS Brew 2 cups of strong coffee in your favorite method. Measure out 3 oz of Bailey’s into each mug. Place 2 scoops of chocolate ice cream in each mug and […]


Blueberry Coffee Cobbler

By Joanie Simon The Kitchen Kit An easy recipe for a summer cobbler with coffee and blueberries and a coffee whipped cream. Author: Joanie Simon Prep Time: 15 mins Cook Time: 40 mins Total Time: 55 mins Yield: 6 Category: Dessert Cuisine: American Ingredients 12 oz. blueberries 1 cup sugar, divided 2 tsp. lemon juice […]

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Romancing BnB

VIETNAM BED BREAKFAST? Follow the provided links and view many luxurious BNB accommodations around the world. Photo courtesy of Alila Villas Uluwatu. [Excerpted]Whether one of Asia’s behemoth city retreats or tiny islet bungalows, there will be impeccable service, picture-perfect views, and plenty of alone time. Jump to: Bhutan | Cambodia | China | India | […]

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