“Cafe Metro”

An Eye-Opening Display from “Cafe Metro”

Dazed. Your senses are barred amidst the hallow doldrums of sonambulism.

Morning is a language of an unconscious blur… the outskirts on a realm slurred. And, where dreams crossover into shallow bouts of auras and where shadows go unnoticed.

You sit there, on a cusp of nonsense, where unwitted people glare into slumbers of faint and isolated illusions.

Time ticks as a tarry into the day. Wakesups began to happen from clatter-clatterings and beeping car horns, with people moving, out-of-sync.

Morning’s rush-hour is a steeped up frenzy, a social combine of an automated-deranged mentality which patronizes the thumping heartbeat of urbanization.

©2018 David Dean/AmericaOnCoffee (AOC) All rights reserved

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