The Inner Hippie Released: My Coffee Cup [Bilingual]


This morning the first thing that went through the head was to enjoy coffee casually. I woke up a bit late because I didn’t sleep till the morning. So what I want to write this morning is how I enjoy coffee in different way. Is there something strange? Maybe yes maybe not.

A few years ago when I was on duty in one of isolated area of South Pagai island, there was one location named Bulasat. Not far from Bulasat there is a beach that is so quiet and remote, but has a dazzling and clean white sandy beach. At the time we were there we saw 2 fishermen who were fishing in the open off shore, and a couple of farmers who was cleaning his coconut field. My friend Yanti and I decided to have a morning coffee and a hearty breakfast at the place. To get to this beach I had to drive for 1.5 hours through the bumpy road and scrubby shrubs because rarely used. We passed a village that has been abandoned by all its inhabitants.

Actually this location was inhabited by dozens of homes. However, after the tsunami hit this region in 2010, local residents prefer relocation to other higher places.

After 5 minutes looking around to find a suitable location we decided to stop at a gentle beach spot and has close access to the main road. There was a husband and wife who were cleaning coconut trunks. We had time to discuss why this beach is very quiet. Apparently this place holds a scary history. That is about 1965-1966 this location was dedicated as a place of massacre and genocide of the people who were considered or pronounced to be involved in activities of Indonesian Communist Party (PKI). Hearing the scary version story of the place, my friend Yanti rushed back home, but I said:
Hold on, this place becomes more fantastic for where I could enjoy coffee and dive into the dark memories of genocide. I felt being more excited!.

It is not to say that I was happy for what had happened at the location. It become a praying for their soul, Indeed I felt deep condolence for the sorrow and sadness of them and their family. Because most of them were innocent. They were brought from many places of Sumatera main Island and murdered at that place. Pray for them!

About 5 minutes later, the water that I boil with Trangia (portable cooking set) had been boiling. We had prepared 2 sachets of Capuccino with granule chocolate. But it was unfortunate for us because we did not bring glasses or cups. Hadduhhh ….

I immediately took the initiative to find something suitable for glass or cup that I can use for preparing coffee. Voalaaa … I found a coconut shell that was still with hairy outer skin attached for brewing our coffee. Perfect cup !. Yanti refused to drink from the coconut shell. But I really enjoy the coffee in coconut shell. In fact, I think of it as the most exotic and exhilarating coffee drink. Yuhhhuuuu, and these are some photos that had been captured by Yanti without my permission.

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