Unveiling the Urban Mermaid & Wishing Wall Mural – A 2017 Project In Haiti…

(An Excerpted Share)
This is Haiti, afterall. A land where mystical tales and the daily grind intertwine without a pause. Magical realism isn’t a genre of fiction here, it’s a way of life.
A 5 day collaboration between Amanacer Art and Moise Jerry Rosembert “Jerry Graffiti”, called “The Urban Mermaid and the Wishing Wall”. If you’d like to visit, it’s located at the corner of Avenue St Cyr and Rue Capois just off the Champ de Mars on the exterior wall of the historical Le Plaza Hotel. We like to think of it as not in the hood, but “hood adjacent”.

Thanks to everyone who came by to write their wish for 2018 on the wishing wall! We also wrote down the wishes that had been messaged to me from a special tribe located everywhere around the world from New York to Bali. Gotta love Instagram and Facebook for that.

One of the most interesting parts was the many a random encounters with passerbys on the street. To say the concept was novel and took a bit of explaining is an understatement. But the wishing wall is now full of wonderful words, and remarkably all the wishes

Here’s the Master Plan:

1. Creating the Mural in collaboration with Jerry Graffiti

2. Gathering stories, interviews, photographs and artifacts

3. Releasing a Film and Coffee Table Book “The Blue Book” – Mermaids Myths, Art and Sightings in Haiti

The film that comes out of our interviews is still taking form in my imagination but the answers we’ve received to our mermaid-related questions are fascinating! They range from everything to “No, I don’t believe in mermaids” to “Yes, in my family we have an affinity to the mermaid goddess and my great-grandmother was taken down to the depths by La Sirene before she was released to us 3 days later. Plus she came back with a sea-shell encrusted comb.” Now that’s a story.

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