A Popup Art Gallery For Homeless Artists

Photo by russn_fckr on Unsplash

New York City — one of the largest art communities in the world — neglects to showcase its artists who live in the shadows, underground in subways, and shelters. These people are mothers, sons, daughters, architects, artists, and artisans not in previous lives but at this very moment. Although these artists haven’t amassed a sizable following or reached certain levels of notoriety, they deserve the same opportunity to showcase their art. An artist’s upbringing or socioeconomic status shouldn’t be a deterrent to platform to showcase their art.

While researching the homeless plight and homeless initiatives across NYC, I realized many of the complexities surrounding homelessness. Rather than creating a digital solution or aid, I’m choosing to use my resources to provide a physical space that can help continue an ongoing conversation about homelessness; shedding light on those who are most often in the shadows.

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The Balcony by Jamaica Dyer

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