#20 facts and images that will make you say ‘I Had No Idea.’

Be Amazed at these facts That Will Make You Say “I Had No Idea”! Apple’s Headphones – Must earbuds have two or three holes. The iPhone Clock App – So, let’s talk about the iPhone Clock App. The USB Logo – Easy to corrupt and one sharp tug away from snapping in two, most people wouldn’t associate the USB with a god of unimaginable power. The Dairy Queen Lid – Why do cold things hate us so much? Ketchup Containers – What were the manufacturers thinking!? The Power Button’s Shape – Take a look at the power button on a nearby electronic device. Go ahead, I’ll Wait. The Direction of Your Fuel Arrows – Have you ever pulled up at a gas station and realized that your gas cap is on the other side? Pen Cap Holes – Kids will stick anything in their mouth if given a chance. Airplane Window Holes – Is that hole proof of a gremlin at work? Pygmy Jean Pockets – They aren’t big enough for credit cards, lip balms, or Lilliputians.

Converse Holes – A lot of people have fallen victim to wet feet thanks to these holes . Measuring Tape Edge – This one takes a keen eye to notice, but the serrated edge of measuring tape is there for a reason. Pot Handle Holes – While every Italian grandma can tell you what the holes in pot handles are for – you might not know. Tic Tac Lids – Tic Tac has thought of everything! The 57 on a Bottle of Heinz – Heinz today makes more than 5700 distinct products. So, why does the bottle say 57? Take Out Containers – Surprise, surprise! It turns out that condiment cups aren’t the only origami containers out there. Airport Runway Numbers – Every runway in the world has two numbers on it. But, what the heck do they mean? Reversed Military Flags – Americans are real sticklers when it comes to their flag. Fire Casts No Shadow – Take a look at this picture . Do you notice something missing? Maple Syrup Handles – Have you ever held a bottle of 100-percent real maple syrup—or helped smuggle one across the Canadian border?source

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