“Sean Choolburra Live And Deadly”

Sean Choolburra

Sean Choolburra is known and acknowledged as the funniest and most enduring Aboriginal Australian comedian. Born in Townsville QLD coming from a family of twelve, his comedy is created from a wide variety of life time experiences, stories, and observations.

Sean is one of few comedians who choose not “profanity”building his craft around those early comic pioneers. Sean creates his unique brand of comedy which sets him apart and is therefore suitable for audiences of all ages. As a comedian Sean’s audiences whether corporate, private, public sector, or community are always delighted by his wit, energetic delivery, improvisations, and non-stop dance moves.

His new show “Straight out of Townsville”is a reflection, showcasing his unique brand. It’s a show based around relationships and family, undoubtedly with Sean’s stamp on it.


If any of The videos we share are obscene or inappropriate, please reply in a comment. It is our goal to share the most wholesome content.

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