“Jim Gaffigan – Camping, waking up, and bacon”

After graduating, Gaffigan moved to New York to pursue comedy, a move that was inspired by his admiration for David Letterman. He found a job in advertising, and he would work during the day and take acting classes at night. However, his career began in earnest when a friend from the class dared him to take a stand-up seminar that required a live set at the end. He fell in love with stand-up, and began to play comedy clubs nightly—after his evening acting classes—until the wee hours of the morning. He was often found sleeping on the job; his boss had to wake him up to fire him. For the first seven years of his career, he tried various styles, ranging from angry comedy to impressions and voices. Also, live comedy was in decline following its peak of the 1980s, further affected by the increased popularity of cable television. However, after periodically auditioning for The Late Show with David Letterman for six years, he then had a successful stand-up routine on the show, and his career took off.


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